Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eureka Moment #6

Being around a group of women, you get to understand the most accepted stereotypes about women that society adheres too. Men are not the only wants believing these stereotypes, but the women themselves believes these stereotypes. I was at a party a few days ago and I overheard women talking about another's woman clothing. This woman was showing a little cleavage, and obviously an attractive person. The women said she looked loose, and that men were of course paying attention to her because she seemed easy strictly because of the fact that she was showing a little skin. I have never heard men or women talk about a guy being "easy" if he's dressed provactively. Is there a way for a man to provactively dress? Society is not as concerned with calling guys "sluts", etc for some reason. It is not as shaming for a man to be sexually active, attractive, or desireble as it is for a woman. Also it is not as acceptable for a woman to have a sexual appetitite as it is for a man to have one. For men are expected to be sex crazy, as science says men think about sex every 7 seconds! However, if women reveal a sensuality to them whether it be through their clothing, or through their love life, they will most likely have to endure names and judgement. That is why it is more important for all of us to be true to ourselves, and do what makes us feel happy, rather than what we think others will be able to easily digest.


  1. I think that this happens all the time. People are always going to judge women before they do in this scenario. It seems to be more of a guy thing to be open and wanting it all the time. Women are supposed to be lady like and that does not fit into that description. Men always have the titles as pigs or jerks. That's why I always here women say it's hard to find a nice guy out there who just doesn't want that one thing. I think it most defiantly is easier for a women to dress more out there then men because when can where small tight things that show off more. Guys tend to where loose things that does not shot off to much. I mean guys who have big muscles might fit the description a little more because those are the men who usually where tight shirts and show off there muscle. It's more to attract women to them. It will hard to break the habit because girls want guys attention and the only way they seem to get it if they look hot or look easy. It will be hard to change this pattern I think.

  2. I have to agree with Chris on some points here. Men dress to illicit sexual responses to and promote the male image of sexuality that sells in advertisements, etc. Why are we so caught up on what some one looks like than what is in their heart or mind first? I think men have a harder time getting woman to notice these qualities first, and feel pressured in our society to keep up the male expected scenario at times. Thans for some great blog posts this semester! I have enjoyed all your Eureak moments...keep on blogging!