Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Comments on Week #5

To Sarah P-
Wow, that is a really excellent point. Our culture is lacking a "right of passage" into manhood, as you say! This can result in aggressive behavior by men who are simply trying to find an outlet where they can be "men." Since it is no longer populaur to go to war, and we no longer have a draft, many men can find that they don't have anything to proove their manliness, as if fighting equates being a true man. Though I think the pendulum at times as swung two far in the opposite direction where men now expect to not take responsibility for relationships, nor put out effort for a relationship like they once did when traditional roles were established and seen as right.

To Shaina-
That is so neat that you're paying attention to what seems like a small detail but really reveals a lot about who may be the primary caretaker of the family! I also was a camp counselor and remember feeling awkward myself when a father dropped off his son, and I remember a young camper feeling out of place and awkward himself when every other camper was swarmed with their mother. That is interesting that it would make us feel uncomfortable, when men go against the gender role of not being caretakers of their children! I have become close with a family that defies gender roles completely where both parents are equally as affectionate and talkative to their children, as well as active in their lives. They seem to have a level of happiness that I would love to attain someday.

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