Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Responses for Week 6

I totally understand what you mean! In some cases I can tell that people may not take me as seriously simply because I'm young, female, and I also try to be nice, which cannot be helpful when you want respect and the best treatment. In more than one case my father and mother have offered to take over car related tasks because I have received ill treatment from mechanics. Recently I have become more assertive with mechanics, asked more questions, and demanded more answers simply because I don't have the money to dish out for things that don't need to be done. I think by only asserting our authority will we be respected. It takes time, and a focus on self and an ability to forget the notion that we have to make everyone happy/comfortable, but it will happen!

Your outlook on marriage is refreshing. With divorce rates so high, it's nice to hear someone say that marriage is important and precious. That it is not just a joke! I easily forget that marriage can be taken seriously with all of the divorces I have seen! You are absolutely right that it is not fair that people who are truly committed to each other cannot be married while others who are not committed to each other can easily get married simply because they are heterosexual. I have always thought it was interesting that things like marriage, and child birth, are issues of the state and delegates find it their business to make these decisions for us. But I digress - with more people remembering that marriage is something sacred and something to be appreciated, perhaps we will have less divorces and more meaningful marriages.

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